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Sheree Fitch and I collaborated for a unique experience to start the new year. This was an opportunity to breathe, stretch and write, integrating yoga and writing. A way to create writing through the body. Based on Sheree Fitch's book, "Breathe, Stretch, Write"! It was playful and fun! No experience necessary.


We had our first Breathe Stretch Write workshop, which was held in January 2016 and it was a huge success!  Women came from all over the province - even with a storm coming in.  We created such amazing energy HUB in River John, NS that it left me feeling so inspired.  Let the writing continue that we all feel stretched in ways beyond our imagination.













Josette embodies feminine grace and free spirit with grounded humility. Her strengths lie in her vulnerability, her openness and her compassion. She glows with warmth, creativity and generosity which bring a divine and healing quality to all her teaching. Big love for this wonderful woman and great respect for her healing journey. The Goddess is with you!  "


-Fay Johnstone




















































I believe in wellness. I feel that because of our busy lives, some of us are missing an important and valuable part of ourselves as divine, wise souls. When women gather together, magic can happen! We learn from one another. We can lift each other up.  I love ancient teachings, goddess mysticism, yoga meditation, sacred circles, connection, drumming circles and music. Put this all together and it is potent & contagious and it is my hope that you feel lighter and so much love.  I LOVE to travel and would like to go wherever the universe takes me with this retreat.  This is one day retreat.  If you would like to book me in your studio or town, please contact me at

"Thank you Josette for creating Groovy Goddess " ! A day of sharing and bringing together such a lovely group of ladies to enjoy a wonderful day of spiritual enhancement, yoga and joy" - 

A mini-retreat created just for you! 🌸 Meet with others for a day or evening of yoga, Thai yoga massage, wellness tools that are attainable, mindfulness techniques, aromatherapy, and ancient essential oils practices for the modern yogi. 🌟


When? - Stay Tuned




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