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"I can't wait to be in your energy again! You rock girl! Much love"




Ready for an EXTRODINARY life?


Wife, Mother, Writer, Yoga Instructor, Workshop Facilitator, Healing Arts Practitioner, Mindfulness Instructor, Personal Development, Speaker, as well as, a Wellness Advocate.

I have worked in the public sector for several years, business owner for over a decade, worked in four prisons across the Maritimes for 13 years and work in the non-profit sector as a facilitator.


I have over 25 years combined experience of mentoring individuals in prisons, schools, workplace, corporate setting, non-profit, yoga, retreats and institution settings. 


I have had opportunities to teach and speak to private clients, events, corporate groups, communities, retreats, and much more.


Helping people as they navigate life and walk beside them as they discover who they would really are. I am passionate about creating change and creating safe spaces and experiences in helping people BLOSSOM!




Are you at a pivotal point in your life?  Are you wondering where you align with the important work you are called to do? Allow me to guide you to dive deeply.  Bloom with purpose & live with the truth of who you truly already are.

Work 1:1 with me   - Contact me at   for details. 


I  am deeply passionate about living an intentional life filled with purpose!!!

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