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Josette's first introduction to yoga was at the young age of 5, in the late 70's. Fast forward several years, after the birth of her first child, that she knew she needed an outlet to balance her thyroid disease and postpartum emotions. She started going to a yoga studio near her home on a weekly basis and loved the way the practice made her feel.  In 2008, she decided to become a yoga teacher and has never looked back.
Josette's creative approach to teaching cultivates healing and connection within yourself, infused with yoga, play, and spirituality.  The class is an elixir of ancient teachings coupled with your own wisdom to help create balance & allow you to step fully into your greatness.
Josette loves the therapeutic qualities of yoga and has expanded her knowledge by studying healing modalities in Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanism.  
She has taught beginner to advanced classes from ages 5 - 101 years of age.  Teaching children’s yoga, weekly yoga classes to her community, weekly senior yoga classes & weekly adaptive yoga classes at an adult residential facility as well as in nursing homes. She teaches a retreat for women and girls, called Groovy Goddess.  She leads workshops and retreats all over Nova Scotia and hopes to expand.
Josette speaks to several groups on topics such as wellness, mindfulness and mental health. 
Keep updated on her website, Facebook & look her up on Instagram (flower.yogi).
NEW CLASS - ENERGY YOGA - RESET, RECEIVE & RELEASE!! Blending the healing arts,breathwork,energy medicine & yoga to amplify your practice. This class will be announced soon. 

The last couple of years, I was offered the opportunity of teaching yoga and mindfulness for mental health and physical disabilities. Some of these individuals are in wheel chairs, have paralysis of certain parts of their bodies, intellectual disabilities, cognitive challenges, chronic mental illness and acquired brain injuries. This has been probably one of my biggest teaching challenges but one of the most incredible learning experiences to date.  What these students have been teaching me about life and yoga has been invaluable and undeniably beautiful.  We focus on the ABILITIES.  I have had to think outside the box of what yoga should look and feel like.   Let’s just say I color outside of the lines now.



"Be truthful, gentle and fearless" - Gandhi







During the summers, I have the wonderful opportunity of teaching yoga outside. It has been wonderful being out in nature and removing the walls of the studio.  Just being by the water and letting nature be our guide and being nurtured by our surroundings has been so healing.



We all want and need more balance in our lives.  When things get out of harmony, we can feel it physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I love working with the human body and spirit.  The way the body has it's own intelligence and capacity to heal itself, fascinates me.  The more I learn and work in the healing arts field, the more I want to learn and explore even deeper.


I am trained in several healing arts modalities such as;



REIKI (level II)



SHAMANISM (level 1) 

MINDFULNESS - (Level 1 & 2)

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